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1 March 2020 10:30AMAteliED Zipaquirá

What is Kids Hack Day?

Kids Hack Day is a series of global, creative and free-of-charge tech events for kids and families. Below is a video from the worlds first Kids Hack Day event that took place in Stockholm, end of august, 2013. 

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AteliED Zipaquirá

Buscar en Waze AteliED Zipaquirá. Toma la ruta a la Catedral de Sal de Zipaquirá, al llegar a Zipa atravesarás un portón blanco y a tu izquierda verás la Virgen de los mineros, tomas las carretera que queda a tu izquierda justo al lado de la Virgen, subes durante 7 minutos y llegarás a la Vereda San Jorge, a tu izquierda verás el colegio, en cualquier caso en la vereda la gente es muy amable y te indicará donde es.

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Event Description 

Cost: FREE

Tickets: Open to the public

Age: 4+ 

  • FREE & open drop-in family day for the community, March 01/2020 10:30 am
  • There are only limited [60] attendees. Hurry up!
  • Facilitators: 1 facilitator per 5-10 kids.
  • Snacks provided 
  • Please inform us if participant got special diet needs

Tools and Materials 

Bring your own Android Tablet or Laptop if you want to participate in the programming station.

Planned Stations

Station 1 "3D printing":
As initial exercise the child will draw the prototype or make it using clay. This prototype will be based on geometric shapes, and then they will have the opportunity to interact with a 3D printer and print their prototype and take it with them. Also we are going to have to 3D pens.

Station 2 "Making sound and microphones": The main idea of this workshop is that the kids have the possibility of build a microphone and some electronics music instruments, experiment with sound and learn how to weld. 

Stattion 3 "Makey Makey": Kids can make an interactive garden o anything that the would like to do with scratch and Makey Makey.

Station 4 "Little Bits and Microbits": In this workshop kids would be able to use boxes and other reciclyed materials to build anything that they can imagine and then integrate little bits and Microbits on it. 

Terms and Conditions 

  1. Since this is a free event for the community, each participant must sign up themselves through their parents. 
  2. One registration is equal to one participant
  3. Pariticipants are subject to final verification and confirmation
  4. Large groups (i.e. from same school) are required to contact us first before registering and are subject to our terms and conditions
  5. [Local KHD Organizer/Organization here] reserves the right to reject or cancel participant without giving any reasons
  6. [Local KHD Organizer/Organization here] reserves the right to change or cancel the course due without giving any reasons

Contact Us

Jorge Restrepo  +57 3203481276


  1. Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? No
  2. What is Kids Hack Day? Kids Hack Day is a global series of free creative tech events for kids. For more info please visit
  3. Is there a limit to how many tickets I can get? Yes, two (2) tickets per household. You need to register twice to get two (2) tickets.
  4. Can I sign up for my friend? No. Since this is a free event for the community, each participant must sign up themselves through their parent.
  5. Do I need to bring anything or pay anything to attend? You only need to bring your own iPad/Tablet/Computer if you want to engage with our programming station. Other materials, we will supply, including food. 
  6. I have attended your event before. Can I attend again? Maybe. Spaces are limited and we have to be considerate of others wanting to join.
  7. I have registered but can no longer attend. Can I cancel? Yes. Please do so via your account in our event website and mark your attendance as not attending. Or you can email us directly.
  8. Can you accommodate a large group of students? No. But.. We are happy to host a similar workshop at your school only for your students and/or teachers. Please contact us at contact details of Jorge Restrepo / 

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